Iraqi refugees in desperate need of help

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(c) ANDERSSON URBAN / Aftonbladet / IBL Bildbyrå / LEHTIKUVA

Iraqi Kurdistan now shelters about 500 000 displaced people fleeing from terror and violence. Fida is providing humanitarian aid to displaced families. You can help us by donating!

In Iraq an estimated 1,3 million people have been displaced within the country by the violent attacks of Islamic State (ISIS).

Fida to help IDPs in Erbil

Fida has responded to the request for help of its partnering church in Iraqi Kurdistan. Right now Fida is mapping out possibilities to assist IDPs in the city of Erbil. Fida’s partner has been accomodating IDP families that are still in great need of food, shelter, medicine, clothes and daily items.
– Our partner has been helping the IDPs since july, but now they are running out of resources. Thousands of people still have no place to go to, so they sleep on the streets. The lucky ones have found shelter in churches and mosques, says Fida’s regional director.

This week Fida’s staff is meeting the partners and IDPs in Erbil and planning humanitarian aid. Many of the families had to leave their homes so suddenly that all personal belongings were left behind. The IDPs rely now on external help and no one knows how long their distress will last.

You can help by donating with the following bank info:

Bank: Nordea
Account Name: Fida International ry
IBAN: FI4122871800005256
Code: 512572 (Iraqi refugees aid)

International Donations:
Make donations to: Fida International
(P.O. Box 50, FIN-00421 HELSINKI, FINLAND),
Bank: Nordea Bank Finland Plc (Vantaa-Myyrmaki, Liesikuja 7, FIN-00020 NORDEA),
Account Number (IBAN): FI4122871800005256,


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