Prepared for Good Works


A memory verse lit up the love of the Bible for Elton of Albania. He is now studying at a Bible College in Tirana, supported by the Finnish Circle of Bible School Sponsors.

Elton, 27, was born into and grew up in a Muslim family in a small town called Grahms.

– In my childhood, I knew nothing about Jesus, Elton begins his story.

When Elton was a teenager, the local church organised children’s nights, which were very popular. The 14-year-old boy’s curiosity was piqued.  In the church event, the children were asked to learn Bible verses by heart.

– At first I just wanted to impress the teachers, but later I started to ponder the meaning of the words.  I was thinking of how God could love so much that He gave His only son for me.

After five months, the young man accepted Jesus in his life.

A simple dream

The young man’s decision has had far-reaching consequences.

– God has called me into church ministry.  I have known it ever since I started to serve at the church when I was 15.  I want to learn more about God and study the Bible, Elton says excitedly.

Elton is studying with his wife, Ida, in Tirana at a Bible School, which is supported by Fida.  The couple are also youth workers in their church.

– Studying the Bible has opened up our understanding in a new way.  It is equipping us for the future.

– God tells us to make all nations into His disciples.  He created us His children and for good works, which my wife and I are now preparing ourselves for.

– Although I am dreaming of planting a church, my most important dream is simply that I could lead people to Jesus.