Hope for Cambodian Children

children Cambodia
Children in Anlung Leak village. Photo: Roberto Serrini

In Asia’s poorest countries, the future of the children is shadowed by high mortality rates due to diseases caused by unclean drinking water. Family poverty drives children into the hands of human traffickers.

Fida’s community health education in the rural areas of Cambodia provides access to a safe environment for thousands of children.

Change in hundreds of villages

The community health education project supported by Fida is improving the living conditions in 60 poor, rural villages in Cambodia, which is crippled by genocide and civil war.  The goal is to provide children with clean drinking water, improved health and a safe environment.  The work is undertaken with Cambodia Global Action, which is an NGO of Cambodian AOG churches.

The project provides families with water filters and teaches their use.  Education and training is organised in the villages in relation to health, hygiene and nutrition.  The families are supported in the care of farms, cattle breeding and composting.  This all saves money, which can then be used towards children’s schooling.

Mothers are provided education in an attempt to prevent human trafficking.  When information about risks spreads, parents will not allow their children to go with people who offer suspicious sounding jobs.  Raising families from poverty safeguards the future of children.

During the last ten years, up to 175 villages in Cambodia have experienced a comprehensive change as a result of this work.  Diseases, domestic violence and threat of human trafficking have decreased, health information has increased, and there is now access to clean water and improved nutrition.