Fire of the Gospel Spreading in Papua New Guinea

Koulun rajanaapurikylä

Hundreds of people became Christians in a series of church services in Bulolo, Papua New Guinea. A Finnish evangelist, Marko Selkomaa was there, spreading the fire.

The annual conference of the workers and leaders of Fida’s Papua New Guinean church partner ALC (Association of Local Churches) was held in the town of Bulolo at the end of September.

─ The theme of the event ”Launching into the Deep” aimed to encourage the churches to take bold steps in advancing the Kingdom of God, explains the ALC Chairman, Iose Iamba.

Free and happy

Gospel meetings held in the evenings gathered together thousands of people. Evangelist Marko Selkomaa’s sermons convinced many – over 400 people indicated their decision to follow Jesus.

─ The sermon I heard at the meeting touched me and I asked Jesus to enter my heart for the first time.  I am now free and happy, explains one of the new believers, 68-year-old Andrew Pan.

Quite an effort

An estimated 350 pastors and leaders attended the conference for teaching and fellowship.  Event organisers also included three Finnish missionary families.  The conference organisers were satisfied.

─ Many of the issues we had been praying and planning for, were achieved, and there was general unity, Iose Iamba rejoices.

The 350-member church in Bulolo was in charge of the practical organisation of this large conference.

─ A large tent was hired for accommodation, and the church built temporary toilets and showers.  Cleaning up the area, especially mowing the lawn, was quite a job, as the grass grows so quickly and the area around the church and the Bible College is large, explains Tanja Kaijankoski, one of Fida’s missionaries working in the area and one of the event organisers.