Children’s Clubs Bring a Spark of Hope to Poverty-affected Roma Villages

Give a Spark of Hope to Poverty-affected Roma Children!
Give a Spark of Hope to Poverty-affected Roma Children!

The Christmas fundraiser organised by Fida and Pentecostal churches brings simple solutions to the challenges of Roma villages. The goal is to remove the need for even one child to beg.

There are very basic reasons as to why the Roma children do poorly at school or miss school altogether.  The children do not have facilities for washing themselves at home and they lack proper clothing; therefore it is not easy to go to school, when you get teased.  The children are poorly nourished and the parents lack the ability to support their schooling.

You can give your Christmas present to the children of Roma villages through your bank:


Receiver: Fida International ry
Account number: Nordea 228718-5256
Account number in IBAN form: FI4122871800005256
Reference: 512815 Work with the East European Roma people


Thank You for Helping!

Romanians Robert and Elena Kraus decided 22 years ago to go and fight for the future of Roma children and started a children’s club in a small Roma village.  Over the years, the activities of Bethlehem Foundation, which they established, expanded across Romania and started to produce amazing results.

Not a single beggar

After years of work Robert and Elena Kraus can now rejoice:  – We are not aware of a single young person who has grown up within our activities, to have taken up begging. The young people have gained a new foundation for their lives.  Many of them have learned an occupation, and even built themselves a small home.  A significant number of them are actively involved with the church and are helping their people.

Over the years, work centres have formed around many children’s clubs, with the aim of improving the children’s skills.  Under school-aged children attend the club in the mornings.  In the afternoon, it is the turn of those returning from school.  The aim is to also build washing facilities in all centres, although this has not always been possible due to lack of space and funds.

A Christmas present to Roma village children

Fida and the Finnish Pentecostal churches have come along to support the children’s clubs and work centres, where the aim is to remedy the factors interfering with their succeeding at school.  The children are relayed the message of a loving God and there are endeavours to improve their self-esteem.

– Working for the children has shown us that the children who grow up in poverty are as gifted as those growing up in better circumstances.  Once the children have been provided what they need to attend school, they have often received the best grades in their class, Elena Kraus explains.

Klaus and Satu Korhonen, missionaries sent by the Helsinki Saalem Church, are working alongside Robert and Elena Kraus to help the Roma children.  The Saalem Church is hosting a fund-raising Christmas concert on 1. December for the ministry to the Roma children.